Our services and rates

For clients who know pretty much what they want to do, and just need our help drawing up and submitting plans, we offer a simple modular service that includes all the elements you need to achieve a rapid and effective journey to getting planning permission.

For clients who know they'd like more space, but aren't sure of the best way to achieve it, we also offer a consultancy package that helps you explore your ambitions and work out the best options for you, your budget and your property.

We always offer clients a free initial telephone consultation during which we can assess the immediate viability of your ideas, and advise on whether planning permission is actually needed, possible restrictions, or the potential for using Permitted Development Rights.

Survey and measure

Getting to grips with the building

When we survey the building we measure just about every aspect of it - window sizes, heights, locations, door locations and sizes, openings and so on, to make sure we capture every aspect of the property as it is today.

The results are much more accurate than an Estate Agent's plan, not only because we cover off all the internal details, but because planners will scale off the drawing to make sure you build what your plans said you would. With modern digital scanning technology their system will tell them whether or not the plans are accurate - to the millimetre - so it is important to get it right as any discrepancies will result in the application being rejected..

A full survey for just £495.00.

A critical investment

Within the survey we will measure every part of the property so we can produce totally accurate scale drawings.

Plan drawing services

Ensuring your plans are 100% accurate

Preparing plans for planning calls for a lot more than just producing pretty pictures. With all planning applications now being managed digitally, plans are scanned in and analysed in detail to ensure they are 100% accurate.

If the computer says 'no' then your plans will be rejected. There are a lot of technical details that need to be included, but if you do it every day of the week, as we do, it is second nature to get it right,

Complete plans for just £1150

We produce individual plans for just £145.00 per plan, so you can ask for multiple design treatments and see what they would look like without breaking the bank.

A full set of plans for an application includes a complete set of drawings showing before and after for floors and all four elevations. We offer this at a package price of just £1150.00

Managed Planning service

Taking away the heavy lifting

You could do the whole process of applying for planning yourself. However, you will need to liaise with the council planning officer, ensure you get successful validation, field phone calls and speak their language, as well as prepare the dreaded Design Access and Heritage Statement. In addition you'll need to create accurate plans of the curtilage, location and block, pay the planning fees, organise press adverts and statutory notices and keep an eye on progress.

In a nutshell you need to expect this to take away a good couple of days of your life.

Or you could just hand over the entire process to us!

A fully managed service for just £795.00

We offer a complete package which means you don't need to get involved at all with what can be a rather tedious process, until you need to deal directly with the planners. The only additional costs we recharge are for disbursements, such as planning fees and any adverts you need, otherwise what you see is the price you pay!

Build schedulesl

Making sure you get the right price

Once you have planning permission the next stage is to get a builder. Whereas most time-served builders will know what materials are likely to be needed, and can cost from our planning drawings, plus some additional detail about where you want power points, type of heating and so on, we are increasingly finding less experienced builders requesting a building materials schedule and structural calcs before they will even quote.

To get over this we can introduce you to a good structural engineer to get all the calcs and structural details right. Separately, we will work with you to produce a build schedule that can be used, with the SE's output, to obtain accurate build quotes.

This will include:

* Schedule of construction materials and general finishes

* Detail plan showing electrical items locations

* Detail plan showing plumbing items locations

* Spreadsheet for decoration and internal finish details

* Ground works and additional exterior works schedule

Fully detailed build schedule for just £895.00!

Please Note: we operate a reasonable amendment policy which includes two sets of client amendments to our design. Any additional amendments , particularly if they involve significant redesign, will be treated as new drawings, and recharged at our stated rates per drawing.